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tv   Today  NBC  October 16, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. breaking news. flash flooding triggers massive mudslides in southern california. a major interstate shut down. drivers stranded for hours. children rescued from the trapped school bus and concerned officials are askg is this just the beginning? the bump. our new poll shows hillary clinton pulling ahead of bernie sanders after her performance at this week's democratic debate while on the republican side ben carson surges even closer to front-runner donald trump as new signs emerge that vice president
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his hat into the ring. inside look. new surveillance video this morning showing lamar odom at the las vegas ranch where he was found unresponsive. this morning latest on his fight to stay alive. and have you seen this man? how police actually used this drawing from an 11-year-old girl to catch a serial burglar. >> i went oh, i can draw a picture of him. >> and that junior detective is being honored today, friday, october 16th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. we're in the middle of a beautiful stretch of fall river here in the east. not so much out west. >> they have not been so lucky. these rains that seemed to come out of nowhere and really made a mess. >> that's right. it's our top story this morning. the wild weather that came in suddenly and virtually without
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flash flooding triggering mudslides trapping drivers and then destroying homes. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer is in hard hit lake hughes, california. miguel, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, matt, good morning. the rain is gone, but mud certainly isn't. we're about an hour outside of los angeles, and take a look at this neighborhood. it was hit by a day luge. the mud here is stacked four, places. just down the road from here, 20 school. a good samaritan had to go in and save them. it was a wild day of extreme weather. it hit with fury, pounding rain, relentless marble-sized hail and then -- >> hopefully it stops. >> i know. >> reporter: the mudslide. one of california's busiest freeways covered in mud and brought to a standstill overnight, cars, semi trucks snaking down interstate 5 trapped in a gridlock nightmare.
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in. >> reporter: mountains crumbled into pieces, pouring into streets, swallowing dozens of cars, destroying homes. witnesses could feel the power and hear the rumble. train. >> reporter: in some spots the mud several feet deep. the crippling flash flooding triggering at least four rescues. children pulled to safety. evacuations. no one hurt, but nearly everyone, especially drivers, caught by surprise. >> took about maybe 20 seconds, 30 seconds for all this to happen. it was very, very scary. >> reporter: nearly 6 inches of rain an hour hammered some neighborhoods. too much water too quickly for parched hills hardened by four years of drought. this powerful storm system, the most dangerous weather seen by some first responders here in decades.
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for now this vicious punch has passed, but this morning there is plenty of damage left behind. later today, we could get even more wet weather, but that heavy day luge is gone. police are still in this area doing door-to-door checks. matt and safe v.a., they say we could get more wild weather, more extremes just like this all winter. >> miguel almaguer, thanks very much. >> turn to al. what's next for these guys? >> got more. talked about this yesterday that we could be seeing flash flooding and north natalie that's what happened, heavy rain and the other mitigating factor is that this happened in right what is called the powerhouse burn area. this happened back in 2013. there was no vegetation along the hillsides to hold it in, and all that rain came in. today through saturday more pacific moisture coming in. flash flooding is likely, and now it's going to increase for arizona and nevada as well. as you can see, we have flash flood watches and warnings out now. this includes lancaster,
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california, las vegas, burbank maybe involved, rainfall rates, one to two inches per hour. heavy storms, gusty winds and small hail in southern arizona so we'll be watching this. we look for even more problems to remain. next half hour i'll tell you about what's expected with el nino, guys, and this could be the shape of things to come this winter there. >> all right, al. thank you very much. let's turn to politics now and a new nbc news online poll conducted by survey monkey has just been released and focused on tuesday's democratic candidate debate and the crowded gop field. we've got several reports on this, but let's begin with nbc's national correspondent peter alexander and the results of this poll. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: nice to see both of you in person this morning, nice to see you as well. america has weighed in. it's good news for hillary clinton and also just this morning with the vice president closing in on a decision of his own, we're getting new signals from inside, from one of biden's closest advisers, that he not out of the race just yet.
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>> reporter: these days both hillary clinton and bernie sanders are smiling, but this morning it's clear clinton got the biggest bounce from this week's debate. an nbc news online poll conducted by survey monkey finds a majority of democrats say clinton won the night. while 45% of democrats and those who lean left say she will get their vote, 31% for sanders, it's the vice president who is losing ground dropping five points from just a month ago. he's yet to make up his mind ignoring questions from nbc's kristen welker thursday. >> have you made your decision yet? >> i can't hear you. >> the have you made your decision yet? >> reporter: sources close to the vp tell nbc news he's calling allies in early voting states to gauge his chances and this morning nbc news has confirmed one of biden's closest advisers is alerting supporters by e-mail not to count the vp out. if he decides to run, it reads, we'll need each and every one of you yesterday.
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ben carson claims closing the gap with donald trump, slicing trump's lead from 15 points 5 in the last month. also this morning, after a lot of back and forth you may have heard about between trump, carson and cnbc, our sister channel, over the format over the next gop debate scheduled to take place october 26th, later this month, just this morning trump tweeted out that both sides have agreed that the debate will be two hours. that one of trump's demands. he said it was fantastic news for all, especially the millions of people who will be watching. we have reached out to our friends at cnbc. we have not heard back from them just yet. also overnight, and this is critical, we're learning how much each of these candidates has raised in the latest fund-raising quarter, the last three months. the campaigns out with their official numbers to the fec, federal election commission and here's what it looks like. on the democratic side hillary clinton took the lead with $29.9 million but vermont senator bernie sanders brought in a close second. he's just shy with 26 million. then let's flip sides and go to
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the republicans now. here's how the republicans' numbers stack up. ben carson, 20, nearly $11 million raised, jeb bush at 13 million air, lot less than in the early months and still significant. ted cruz, pulling in the lower tier outraising some competitors, and he came close to jeb with $12 million. carly fiorina at nearly 7 and marco rubio close to $6 million, so the question you're likely asking is what's up with donald trump? how is he doing? well, he's self-financing, but he did report that he's raised close to $4 million, spent nearly $2 million of his own money during the entire campaign. matt and savannah. >> peter, thanks very much. >> a lot of numbers and what does it mean for the current state of the race? let's turn to john heilemann managing editor of bloomberg politics. good morning. >> hi. >> we talk about money and politics because it's a measure of the breadth of support, the depth of support. would you expect someone like ben carson and bernie sanders if i had told you six months ago they were going to have a haul like they just did in the third quarter? >> if you would have told me
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that six months ago i would have said you need to be committed to a mental institution and today seeing where they are you need to come with meet next time i'm in vegas because you would be a prophet. it's a real powerful sign of the extent to which in this year in a durable wait outsiders are now playing the hot hands and the insiders are struggling. >> let's continue on that because if you look at these numbers trump and carson way ahead of the rest of the pack. >> yeah. >> nobody expected that. everybody was talking about the summer fling, the flirtation, and when you look at the longer list here, john, and you look at some of the people that we all thought were going to be the strong contenders, jeb bush and chris christie and rand paul, and they are running on vapors. >> they are running on vaporses and not raising a lot of money. some are doing a little better than others, but it's still right now the thing that the republican party has always done which is to coronate -- not coronate but to declare we have an establishment favorite and that person is going to be the nominee, not happening in this cycle and people who have thought donald trump will
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collapse, that this is a summer fling, as you put it, it's late october now. >> they are going through the stages of acceptance that this is the race that we have. >> this is the race. >> let's talk about the democrats. our survey monkey poll shows hillary clinton with a commanding lead, really opening it up between sanders and biden, not declared, but did not fare as well. ted kaufman, one of his closest advisers, is sending out this letter to biden alumni, as peter reported, basically hinting, you know, we still may get into this thing but has his moment passed? can he still get in? >> well, look, i've engaged in attempts to report on and read the mind of joe biden as much as anybody in the last few months. i'm done with that. the vice president is now -- if he's making a calculation on the political landscape, it's more forbidding now than it was a month ago. you've got hillary clinton performing well at this debate, the benghazi committee now delegitimized. she's keyed up to have a great day next week where it could have been a moment of peril, but i don't think that's how biden is thinking about this.
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he's not making political rational calculations. this is the last big political decision of his life and he's doing the ultimate gut check now and will decide on the basis of that. committee. stand by for one secretary because meanwhile hillary clinton's top aide huma abedin could face a tough line of questioning today when she goes before that house committee. nbc's kristen welker has more from washington. kristen, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, that's right, good morning to you. usually it is secretary clinton under a microscope, but today her closest and longest serving aide huma abedin will be in the hot seat. she will testify behind closed doors before the congressional committee investigating the 2001 attack against the u.s. consulate in benghazi. abadin was clinton's deputy chief of staff at the state department and was considered her body woman during the 2008 campaign. led two are so close that clinton has referred to abedin as her daughter and this comes
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six days before the former secretary of state will give her own testimony. the campaign has gotten a bit of a lifeline as you guys talked about in recent days after the house majority leader suggest the the committee was aimed at dragging down clinton's poll numbers and after a former investigator with the committee suggest it had had turned into a political witch-hunt. chairman trey gowdy denies politics are involved, but the clinton campaign has used the allegations to try to discredit the committee. clinton is hoping once she testifies next week she can turn the page on the questions about benghazi and maybe even her e-mails. matt, savannah. >> chris attorney welker, kristen, thank you very much. let me pick up where kristen left off. party of this commity's investigation we all learned about the e-mail problems for hillary clinton. bernie sanders says america is sick and tired of hearing about this. >> yeah. >> is he right or is there more there? >> well, look, it's unclear. in the end the fbi is investigating the server. there still could be legal and political jeopardy for hillary clinton. no doubt that in the democratic party people don't care very much about this. in the broader country hillary clinton's numbers on the questions of whether she's
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considered honest and trustworthy have been in a state of pretty serious decline for the last six months and it's hard not to think that the e-mail thing has something to do non-issue. certainly i think in the democratic primary not a big issue and bernie sanders when he says that, got a rousing cheer in that debate hall and probably around the country among hard core democrats. >> all right. >> john heilemann, good to get your perspective, thank you. >> just a reminder, holding a town hall meeting with donald trump and new hampshire voters, monday, october 26. can you see it right here on "today." switching topics, a major change is coming to the airline industry this weekend. that's when american airlines and u.s. airways will officially merge their reservation systems and the first few weeks might be confusing for some travelers. let's get to nbc's gabe gutierrez at atlanta's hartsfield dark jackson airport with more on what to expect. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. this airport will see its very last u.s. airways flight. it's been a wild decade for air travel. of the 11 top airlines back in
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2004, only six are still around. the new american airlines will be 30% bigger, the largest airline in the world. this morning u.s. airways is preparing for its final flights amid some confusion. >> okay. we're supposed to fly american. when we get here and check in we're directed to u.s. airways over here. >> reporter: tomorrow it will finally merge its reservation system with american's, but not everyone is on board yet. >> we were just like are we american or u.s. air? we didn't really know what we on. >> reporter: two years ago airlines announced plans to join. american says since then it's been working towards tomorrow's transition, running 5 million mock reservations, testing more than 9,000 computers and kiosks and spending more than a million hours training employees all to make it a smooth takeoff. >> american actually has a system that's pretty easy to slide in the u.s. airways system. they have been actually doing a pretty good job of this for the last few years. >> reporter: airline mergers can
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in 2010 united and continental got together and the reservation system failed delaying flights and stranding passengers. >> hi. i'm oscar murngsz and i'm the new ceo of united. >> reporter: just last night united's new ceo acknowledged it's been a rocky marriage. >> we still haven't lived up to our promise or our potential. that's going to change. >> reporter: this weekend american advises get your boarding pass online, have a printed copy of your ticket and get to the airport earlier than usual. >> what i hope for as a traveler is that the airlines will choose the best of each of them and create an airline that will be phenomenal. >> reporter: it will be at least another few months before the full u.s. airways sweep is painted with the american airlines logo but the last u.s. airways flight also the red eye from san francisco to philly. >> gabe gutierrez at the airport for us, thank you. another surge of violence in the middle east overnight and natalie has more on that.
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good morning. >> good morning, guys. big developments in the middle east surrounding that recent wave of violence between palestinians and israelis. overnight dozens of palestinians threw fire bombs at a jewish holty site known as joseph's tomb. it comes amid calls by hamas for another day of rage in the region. at least 39 people have been killed over the past two weeks. also today israel is closing off jerusalem's most sensitive holy site the al-aqsa mosque to young muslim men in an effort to calm the violence. federal prosecutors have charged a man in malaysia with hacking a computer and providing information about u.s. service members to isis. police say the 20-year-old kosovo citizen hacked into a server based in the united states, stole personal information of more than 1,300 americans and then gave it to a senior islamic state leader in syria. prosecutors allege the goal was to provide isis supporters in the u.s. and elsewhere with the information so they could carry out terrorist attacks.
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the u.s. is now seeking to extradite the suspect. back here at home, texas forestry officials are bringing in a hovey bomber to fight a raging wildfire. it's now consumed six square miles and has burned nearly three dozen homes about 50 miles east of austin. about 400 homes have been evacuated so far. well, lots of new yorkers celebrating through the night after the mets series clinching win over the l.a. dodgers. the game was tied 2-2 in the sixth inning when daniel murphy stepped up to the plate and did that, drove that solo home run into the seats into right field. that turned out to be the game-winner. the mets advance now to the national league championship series for the first time since 2006, and they, of course, taking on the chicago cubs. last time the cubs made it this far in the postseason, 2003. two teams, of course, very long draughts. game one tomorrow night. it's going to be a hot one right here in new york. lots to cheer about. well, an 11-year-old girl was honored thursday night for her stick figure sketch that led
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to the arrest of a serial burglar. rebecca depietro got a standing ovation at a ceremony stratford, connecticut, thursday night, but a few months ago there was a string burglaries on her street, including one at her house. so when police asked rebecca if she had seen anyone suspicious, she drew this sketch, and police matched it up to this man, pedro bruno who has since confessed to ten burglaries, and perhaps rebecca has a future as a sketch artist. that was pretty good, i'll say. >> pretty good for her and for the police. >> yeah. >> matt, you look not so sure. >> maybe in the vicinity of the accuracy. >> the hair, and the facial hair. >> if it works, that's all that matters. >> get it up close, can you see it. >> by the way, natalie, going to be a hot one at the met game. going to be a cold game. >> going to be cold but a heated game, come on. >> that's right. thanks for helping her. let's show you -- here's why it's going to get so cold and
7:19 am
not just in shea stadium -- shea city, citi field. yeah, i'm old school. i'm old school. we're talking 18 states with freeze warnings and watches, frost advisories and the jet stream has dipped to the south. look at these highs today. anywhere from 5 to 20 degrees below average. saturday even colder. look at what happens early sunday morning. 30 in lexington and cleveland 36. 38 in new york city and watch this. saturday morning on into the afternoon. we've got the threat of snow and some frozen mix right through sunday evening and upstate new york and western p.a. and on into northern new england.
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>> reporter: good morning. a lot of clouds and a little band of showers marching through new england this morning, moving fast. you might need rain gear say from 8:00 until 10:00, 10:30 a.m. and then we're done. then we'd come back by mid-day and certainly this afternoon, breezy. temperatures in the low 50s. this afternoon low 60s. your weekend dry both days. much cooler tomorrow, low 50s. and downright cold on sunday with high temperatures on sunday only in the upper 40s. >> that's your latest weather. coming up, we're going to be looking at winter outlook for 2015-2016. >> already. >> going to give us a hint? >> it's going to be cold. >> there you go. thank you. >> way to go out on a limb there. >> wow. coming up, we're going to have the late on lamar odom's fight to stay alive. new video from inside the brothel where he was found as
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his estranged wife khloe remains by his side. plus, is she the trump card? how daughter ivanka trump could emerge as a big player in his race for the white house. we'll hear from her, but, first,
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the new 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable. >> this is 7news now. >> anchor: happy friday, everyone. it's 7:26.
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there, but, j.r., probably a cool one. >> reporter: right now we are tracking clouds and showers back through the worcester hills, quickly working east toward metro boston. good idea for the rain gear up until about 10:00 for isolated showers and some sprinkles. otherwise becoming mostly sunny, breezy. temps this afternoon about where we should be for this time of year, low 60s. >> anchor: thanks, j.r. man is in the hospital after falling from a third-story roof deck in roxbury. a man fell and landed on the concrete before 1:00 a.m. according to ems workers, the man suffered serious injuries and was taken to brigham and women's. three people are behind bars after leading police to a chase that came to a crashing end in braintree. the car hopped the curb, crashed to a fence and hit a tree before coming to a stop on a yard in washington street. walpole police believe the car was stolen from their town earlier in the week. we'll be back with 25 minutes in another update. hope you're having a great friday. we'll see you in a little bit. it is time to deal
7:28 am
with skyrocketing out-of-pocket costs. commentator: the 32-year-old head of a pharmaceutical company raised the price of a life-saving drug overnight by 5,000%. i'm announcing a detailed plan to crack down on these abuses. commentator: he may be lowering it after hillary clinton blasted him out of the water. her plan would limit the out-of-pocket costs that consumers have to pay. clinton: nobody in america should have to choose between buying the medicine they need and paying their rent.
7:29 am
>> 7:30 now on this friday morning. 16th of october, 2015. a crisp fall day here in the big apple. >> looking forward to it actually though. here's a look at what's making headlines today. incredible scene outside of los angeles where flash flooding triggered huge mudslides that quickly trapped drivers. al predicted a lot of this yesterday. several homes were destroyed when the mountainside started crumbling on to the streets. and nbc news online poll conducted by survey monkey after tuesday night's debate finds a
7:30 am
majority of democrats say it was clinton who won the night. in the meantime nbc news has confirmed that one of vice president joe biden's closest adviseers is alerting supporters mott to count the vice president out yet. u.s. airways final flight takes off tonight. after that the airline will cease to exist as it joins forces with american airlines. the merger means american will now become the largest air carrier in the world. coming up, she's considered one of donald trump's most trusted advisers, so will ivanka trump start playing an active role in his campaign? we're going to hear from her coming up. and then later a candid interview with comedian amy schumer as she opens up about body image and struggle to become confident in the public eye. we begin with lamar odom's fight for his life. new video from inside the brothel where he was found unresponsive a little earlier this year. nbc's jacob rascon is in las vegas with more. jacob, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning.
7:31 am
nbc news has learned lamar odom was planning to extend his stay at the brothel through saturday, this as new video shows him touring the building on the first day of his fateful visit. overnight nbc news obtained receipts and surveillance video from the love ranch brothel showing lamar odom saturday night wearing sneakers, a white t-shirt and a baseball cap as he tours the brothel with two unidentified women. receipts provided by the love ranch management show his weekend began with a $75,000 swipe on his amex card. >> just keep a close eye on him and we do have help on the eye, okay. >> reporter: it comes as new video obtained by tmz sports shows first responders trying to save lamar odom, the nba champ who just a few years ago was at top of his game personally and professionally. sources close to odom tell our sister network e he remains on a ventilator and in a coma and the extend of his brain damage sun clear. this following what police
7:32 am
believe was an accidental overdose on tuesday during his stay at the love ranch brothel. the kardashians have been in las vegas supporting lamar since the news broke. thursday all but lamar's estranged wife khloe were seen leaving on a private plane, and despite khloe remaining by his bedside social media has exploded with backlash towards her and her family. a few weeks ago she was trying to make him look like a craze stalker. get out of here. nobody believes you. it's all about publicity. the comment is seemingly referring to an october 4th episode of "keeping up with the kardashians." >> lamar is in in the hotel. >> the who told you this. >> a security guard. >> it's just not a place i would want to see lamar for the first time in years. >> reporter: while the relationship is complicated -- >> i love lamar and care about him a lot. it makes me feel good to hear his voice and to know that he is doing okay. >> reporter: it doesn't seem to matter when it comes to the law.
7:33 am
a los angeles superior court judge confirmed to nbc news that khloe and lamar are still legally married which means khloe bears the weight of making decisions about his medical care. a source close to the family tells "people" magazine she never dreamed that she'd have these responsibilities, and it's just so overwhelming and unexpected. the source adds that khloe has been inconsolable and seeking advice about what to do next from friends and family. and, unfortunately, there is no improvement in lamar's condition to report, only uncertainty ahead. but what seems to remain constant is the outpouring of support for the former nba star fighting for his life now going on three days. guys, back to you. >> all right. jacob raskon, thanks very much. >> now to one of the top advisers behind donald trump his daughter ivanka. she's been his side for years but hasn't yet taken an active public role in his campaign. is that all about to change? nbc's katy tur has more on that. >> reporter: good morning, savannah.
7:34 am
following donald trump on the campaign trail you quickly learn no one is telling him what to do, and even if they are he isn't listening, but there's one person who has got his ear and that's his daughter ivanka, smart, poised, successful and beautiful, she may be his biggest ally and asset. >> welcome, everybody. >> reporter: she's been called the quiet power behind the trump throne, the calm to his storm, his most trusted adviser. growing up trump 33-year-old ivanka has spent her life in the spotlight, but if things go as her father plans, that spotlight could soon shine even brighter. >> and ivanka, has anyone heard of ivanka. >> reporter: routinely invokes her name at rallies and in trump's announcement in june it daughter. >> it's my pleasure to introduce to you a man i've loved and respected my entire life. >> reporter: his child and champion, heir to a golden name
7:35 am
and former model is a success in her own right, an author, real estate executive, a brand with her own line of accessories and clothing and like daughter like father and she is the cool head first on "the apprentice. "can the. >> the you really took it to another level. >> reporter: and now his run for office, standing behind her dad in the face of criticism, even when it comes from the mother of longtime friend chelsea clinton. >> if it's all the same to you, mr. trump, i'd rather you stop cherishing women and start respecting women. >> he'd be amazing for women in this country, and truthfully he's proven that over decades through his employment practices, through his hiring practices. >> reporter: ivanka even getting praise from democrats. david ax rodd tweeting he met ivanka a few years back and that donald trump is wise tone list his daughter's help. she's a thoroughly impressive important. and while she says she's staying
7:36 am
>> i'm not part of the campaign. >> reporter: that doesn't mean her dad will keep her there. >> i do take advise from ivanka. >> reporter: what advice koss she give you? >> she says be yourself. >> reporter: so when will we see her on the trail? the campaign and donald keeps saying soon, soon, soon, but, guys, we've been hearing that since early august. >> all right. but she did an interview in the last couple of days and i think she may be a little higher profile and she's, as you say, very impressive. >> impressive and a businesswoman in her own right and pregnant and with other kids and has other stuff going on, katy, thank you so much. >> mr. roker with the winter >> that's right. a shape of things to come. we've got a water spout off of lake michigan. this thing is pretty powerful. luckily it stayed offshore. had it come on shore this thing would have been a tornado. this is cold air filtering in. let's take a look from the national weather service the late on the 2015 outlook for the winter. pemp tour-wise, it's going to be warmest in the pacific northwest, but look at how the
7:37 am
warm swath comes across the northeast. going to be chillier as you get down into texas and the southeast. and as far as fritschtation, it's looking the wettest as you get into northern parts of the plains, very wet through the south and into southern california and the southeast as well, and one of the other parts of this, a strong el nino. very, very warm pacific ocean waters, and so we're looking for the threat of more heavy rain in parts of california. major rain starting in october, november. could see a very heavy one since the 1997-'98 el nino. san francisco as we will looking at a heavy el nino could. see what happened in '82-'83 when they got over 13 inches of rain and even snow, denver could see an increased amount of 20-plus inches of snow because they are four times more likely to have heavy snowfalls in strong el nino years. that's what's going on around >> reporter: good morning. a lot of clouds and a little
7:38 am
band of showers marching through new england this morning, moving fast. you might need rain gear say from 8:00 until 10:00, 10:30 a.m. and then we're done. then we'd come back by mid-day and certainly this afternoon, breezy. temperatures in the low 50s. this afternoon low 60s. your weekend dry both days. much cooler tomorrow, low 50s. and downright cold on sunday with high temperatures on sunday only in the upper 40s. >> that's your latest weather, and, of course, it's going to be a real football weekend. football weather finally, ladies and gentlemen. we're going out to indianapolis. it's going to be the new england patriots being hosted by the indianapolis colts. it's -- it's a domed stadium so don't worry about it, but if you're tailgating, whoa, it's going to be great because it's going to be a big great. sunday night "football night in america" begins sunday night at 7:00. patriots/colts, lucas field. bring out everything that you've got.
7:39 am
go out tailgating. it's sunday night, "football night in where? >> america. >> bring a little energy. >> did you say football? >> i did. "trending --" " --" like someone just said, did you say football? >> all right. how about this. what a catch. will this one go down as one of the best catches -- will this one go down as one of the best catches ever? freeze it right there. >> oh, yeah. >> we'll show you in a little while. >> coming up next, are you supposed to swipe that credit card, dip, it tap it? some new confusion whe introducing... the biggest of five sizes
7:40 am
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7:44 am
all right. we're back now. 7:45 with the hacking of america. if you haven't gotten one of the new debit or credit cards in the mail you'll be getting it soon. they have that security chip that's supposed to cut down on fraud. >> but the changeover is leading to some confusion. nbc's tom costello has more on what this means for you. tom, good morning. >> reporter: hi, guys. good morning. confusion on wall street.
7:45 am
these new credit cards with a chip on it. you're supposed to dip it and insert it into the reader and not swipe it and a lot of retailers aren't ready to do it, and already there's a lot of pointing. they are here, whether you swipe, dip, punch in a p.i.n. or go without, the new credit cards embedded with a security chip are now hitting the cash registers nationwide but it's not exactly been a smooth rollout. >> we just got the new mastercard with the new little chip in it, and it was compromised. >> tried to slide it through and it didn't take. >> i didn't know why my credit card is going through, never been anything i've experienced. >> reporter: october 1st was the deadline for retailers to have the credit card readers in place most still don't and so far only 20% of consumers have actually received their new cards in the mail. >> any time that you're dealing with unhappy customers or forcing customers to take steps that they wouldn't normally have to do it's an issue that retailers are going to have to deal with.
7:46 am
think about all the companies that automatically charge your credit card every month, newspapers, websites, gym memberships, kids' music classes, and it turns out a lot of the charges aren't going through because the old credit cards expire and customers aren't quick to update their billing information. netflix's stock dropped 82% and blamed the new credit card switchover for slowing its growth. >> i don't think the banks and credit card companies are doing enough to educate the consumer. you get your new card and realize that there's a chip on it. you're not sure how that really works. it's sort of trial by error. >> reporter: what should you do when your new card arrives? first activate the card usually with a simple phone call and second provide your updated payment information to any of the companies that bill you regularly. sometimes the number doesn't change but the expiration date does. third, beware. scammers are sending e-mails asking for your credit card information. don't provide it. watch your bank statements for any charges that look
7:47 am
eventually you'll insert your new card into the reader rather than swipe it and the transaction may take a few seconds longer but security experts say it goes a long way towards protecting you. we've heard a lot of complaints from folks who say they have been told to swipe their cards, not insert them. it's happened to me. gone to the store and i said can i insert it the right way, no, no, no, we're not ready for that. that should eventually change of the most. new cards don't require p.i.n. codes but target is adding p.i.n. codes to their cards. they were hit by that massive security breach a few years ago. >> tom, thank you very much. >> you bet. coming up, taylor swift opening up about who is behind her song "bad blood?" was it rival katy perry. what swift is saying. >> okay. coming up next, who do you think this baby, this baby right there looks like. tamron will have the hottest media
7:48 am
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>> this is 7news now. >> anchor: good good morning, everybody. look at that brilliant fall weather at the braintree split. tgif. how is the weather looking out there, j.r.? >> erin: a little band of rain worcester hills, merrimack valley. this will sweep over metro boston, including the braintree split. but as quickly as it gets into town, it's right back out of town by mid-morning. so rain gear on and off isolated showers this morning. and then by this afternoon, partly sunny. 60s this afternoon. >> anchor: now to your headlines on this friday. a crash in liquor sending a car
7:55 am
slamming into a liquor store. two vehicles collided at main and madison streets early this morning. one car then crashed into the store. no one was hurt. gambling officials in nevada are threatening to shut down daily fantasy sports sites, including fan dual and boston-based draft kings. they say the sites will be banned unless the companies apply for gambling licenses. fan duel and draft kings said they're not gambling because they believe fantasy sports are based on skill rather than chance. and have a great weekend, everybody. we'll see you back here for
7:56 am
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, giving the gift of pink pour. >> like the last stop. >> this is it. >> last stop on a long journey? >> yeah. >> our friend joan lunden brings us the moving story of one man changing the lives of breast cancer survivors one tattoo at a time. >> the tears of joy. plus, amy schumer gets candid following her controversial hosting gig on "snl." the hottest comedian on the planet opens up about self-esteem, body image and life in the hollywood spotlight.
7:58 am
right about me and be like she is the most disgusting creature i've ever seen and then other people will say she's super hot and they are both right. you're not going to be what everybody loves, but you have to love yourself. and family outing. an exclusive first look inside the life of brad pitt, angelina jolie and their kids courtesy of "vogue" magazine today, friday, october 16th, 2015. >> this is the "today" show. >> i'm here for the "today" show. >> i keep coming back for lauer! >> hello from st. louis. it's our 40th birthday. >> kiss me, i'm 70. >> it's my 16th birthday so can you give me a hip, hip hooray.
7:59 am
>> and we're back now. 8:00 on this friday morning. it's the 16th day of october, 2015. let me say a couple of thin. first of all, dropped a lot temperature-wise over the last couple of days. >> yes. >> secondly, we have an enormous crowd here. >> what a crowd. >> it's starting really early this year. >> somebody smell bacon? oh, my gosh. that smells so good. we have a happy crowd. all right. coming up, we're going to check in with our friend joan lunden. she's bringing us a really moving story, part of our pink power "today" series. >> a lot to get to. first, let's go inside and natalie has a check of all the top stories. natalie. >> hey, guys, goormt starting off with the bad weather out west, flash flooding and mudslides triggered by the heavy rain leaving a mess in parts of southern california. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer is in hard hit lake hughes. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
8:00 am
the storm has passed but, boy, did it leave behind a mess and this neighborhood an hour outside of los angeles look at the mounds of mud, some areas five, six feet high, and the cleanup is certainly going to take hours. this all began yesterday afternoon. we were hit with a deluge, pounding rain and hail and then, of course, that all triggered mudslides. areas all across this region were under two to three feet of mud. cars were swallowed by mud. walls of mud flew into homes and fortunately there were no serious injuries. though the l.a. county fire department tells us there was at least four rescues. meantime near i-5, that major artery was shut down for several hours. hundreds of motorists were stranded as they watched the mud rise. that was shut down. there's a detour this morning as they try to clean it up, natalie, all across this area, a big headache and a big mess and we could get even more wet weather later on this afternoon. natalie, back to you. >> not good news there. miguel almaguer in lake hughes, california, thanks.
8:01 am
buns from this week's democratic debate. in a new nbc news online poll conducted by survey monkey a majority of democrat said mrs. clinton won that debate and that poll has her leading bernie sanders by 14 point. vice president joe biden who has yet to declare dropped five points and among the republicans ben carson narrowed the gap with donald trump from 15 points to just 5. hillary clinton's closest aide happened huma abedin is testing today on the attacks in benghazi, libya. the session is taking place behind closed doors. the committee has already questioned several people less to mrs. clinton. mrs. clinton is scheduled to testify next week. city hall. a man whose legal name is santa claus and, yes, looks just like him, led all the other write-in candidate for the city council election in north pole, alaska. santa used to be a park ranger
8:02 am
but now he says he wants to be an advocate for, who else, of course, children. city council sanda will be sworn in on monday. nobody is going to want to vote against him ever. >> he knows if you're naughty or nice. nat, thank you. now to a major change in how california teaches sex ed to teams the it's getting a lot of attention. >> part of a nationwide attention to stem the tide of sexual assaults among young people and "today's" erica hill has that story. >> guys, good morning. called confirmtive consent, the idea that a partner must give explicit permission before a sexual encounter can move forward and it will be a mandatory lesson in health classes across california. the national conversation about consent is changing. the old no means no refrain of years past is being replaced in some cases by yes means yes. starting next year california will become the first state to make lessons on affirmative consent a requirement in high schools.
8:03 am
>> what is your understanding of the law so far? >> reporter: students at the urban school of san francisco are taking the class and this is their teacher. >> kids get it. kids understand. kids actually want to engage in healthy relationships, and a lot of them don't have adults in their lives who are talking to them about this. >> reporter: casey and larkin are students in the class. >> by asking for consent, by looking for yes you are showing that you care about what your partner is experiencing. >> by having your partner ask you a question consistently, you're forced to kind of check in with yourself and say am i comfortable right now. >> reporter: california law follows another one signed last year requiring the use of affirmative consent on college campuses in the state. new york passed a similar law governing campuses this year, and other states are considering related measures. no means no is not enough. of course, if you have a sex partner who says no to
8:04 am
it doesn't account for if your partner is frozen in fear or confused or checked out or drunk. >> reporter: a recent study suggests as many as one in five women are sexually assaulted or raped in college, numbers that brought a strong response from the white house. >> it's up to all of us to put an end to sexual assault. >> reporter: followed by a series of powerful public service announcements. >> it's happening hon college campuses, at bars. >> reporter: critics of the yes means yes policy say it oversimplify both the legal and romantic ramifications of what happens between two people. >> neither of the california laws changes the way that rape or sexual assault are ride in criminal court. supporters hope though that giving and giving clear consent will drastically cut down on the cases that need to be prosecuted. >> a fascinating article in the paper yesterday. did they come up with clear guidelines as to how often the question needs to be asked? >> there's a question of ten
8:05 am
minutes you need to check in and say are we still good? and you and i were talking too, some of the language they come up with, it's awkward especially in your teen years and what do you say and one of the things they agreed on is you good? >> sounds casual but better for them than some of the other more technical terms. >> could be more awkward, but an important conversation, absolutely. erica, thank you. coming up, we'll get into an age-old debate. just who is cleaner, men or women? >> okay. we'll get into that one. then angelina, brad, the whole brood and a first look at some brand new family photos. and amy schumer on body image, confidence, clothing and what it's like to deal with all
8:06 am
of that in the hollywood
8:07 am
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we're back now at 8:12 on friday. time for trending. i'm excited about this story. we are going to get something, guys, that i think all of us at this table have wanted for more than 50 years. did you guys get lucky charms as kids? >> i didn't. >> yes, did you? >> i don't like the marshmallows. them? >> the whole premise. i give up. let's not even do this story. >> buzz kill. >> everyone not named al roker loved lucky charms and has always wished that there would be just a version only with marshmallows. >> ew. >> that's what i say, al. i'm with you. >> i need the cereal with the marshmallows. >> what? >> people, it's happening.
8:11 am
>> all the media, facebook, there's been a groundswell. >> captain crunch with all berries. >> i'm a traditionalist. i like the basic captain crunch. remember these variety packs. >> this is just a publicity thing, right? >> yeah, okay. >> variety packs when they came to your house and somebody opened them like this. wasn't it nerve racking to see if you got the one you really wanted. what would you choose in this one? >> frosted flakes. >> the corn pops. >> sugar pops. >> apple jacks. >> i can't reach. >> you get -- you ended up with rice krispies. >> they didn't have wheat germ like you wanted. >> what was that one? >> grape nut. >> grape nut. >> you could basically fix a wall with that. >> yeah. >> they are delicious and healthy. >> besides cereal, what's our favorite top take discuss here, germs. >> germs. >> here's a question. who has better hygiene at work
8:12 am
>> women. >> men, men. >> new survey busting some myths, ladies. take it. deal with it. shredding the notion that guys make a mess wherever they go. no, researchers polled both genders and discovered men are more careful about collegeness in a restroom than women, are take more time from everything to washing their hands to pardon, move your cereal, cleaning the toilet sgleet not true. >> my kids missed toilet seat every time. >> you've got girls, wow. >> move a little closer. >> there's no way that that is true. >> where does the study come from? >> men did it. >> there are studies that show this. this isn't new. >> you can go to any place that has a male and female bathroom, and always there's a smell wafting from the guys' bathroom. >> we're not talking smell. >> that's clean. >> moving on, moving on. >> the whole dirtiness of it.
8:13 am
>> can i say one thing, you know when you're on an airplane and go in the bathroom, right, and a man has just been in there. >> it's a mess. >> it's a mess. >> and they never put the seat down and i think that is so rude. >> and the worst thing for a man who goes in there and told you that story, i then have to decide whether i'm going to clean up after because when i come out people are going to think it was me. >> sure. >> matt lauer. >> and i clean up. >> why don't people ever drain the sink. you always go into the bathroom in the airplane and there's always a sink full of soapy water. >> that's a function of the kind of thing they have. >> you plunge it. there's a plunger. >> this has really evolved. >> we'll be back with breakfast with the gripers. >> let's do sports. some are calling this the catch of the year happened last night at the football game between stanford and ucla. take a look. >> mccaffrey giving way. back to hogan and how about this from stanford.
8:14 am
a defender's back, that is unreal. incredible. >> amazing. >> that may be the play of the year so far! >> it's a pretty big catch. >> that's like the hug catch. >> i love you. >> yeah. >> say his name. >> the 41 yards out behind the opponent's back. stanford went on to win it 56-35. let us turn to social media feeling the bern. presidential candidate bernie sanders appeared on "ellen's" show and claimed he had -- he has better tops than trumps. >> hair. >> hair. >> and claimed he -- >> i know. >> i don't understand it either, but the comparison continued. take a listen. >> he has hair like you sometimes and i actually think that you all look very similar. >> and the look-alikes don't stop there. a whole other group of sanders supporters surfacing on social
8:15 am
media. babies for bernie spawning several pint-sized politicians. >> that one is perfect. >> all right. now to angelina jolie opening up about her marriage to brad pitt and taylor swift dishes on her rumored bad blood with katy perry. tamron, let's get out of here with "pop start." >> hard to follow up babies in toupee. angelina jolie, as matt mention the, an exclusive look at her beautiful spread in "vogue" looking stunning on the cover of the november issue. you can she she's not alone posing for photos with her hubby and six kids talking about everything from the hectic schedule and her double mastectomy and speaking of brad, the shooting of the upcoming movie was somewhat of a
8:16 am
honeymoon despite they play an unhappily married issue and she says brad and i have our issues but if the characters were even remotely close to our problems we couldn't have made the film. the issue hits stands on wednesday and now to taylor swift and the question that will not go away. is her massive hit "bad blood" about katy perry. everybody is assuming that it is and taylor wants to know something. she tells the latest issue of "gq" i never said anything that would point this in the direction of one specific person and i can sleep at night knowing it but did suggest on the upside if the katy rumors are out there poem can stop thinking that every song is about an ex-boyfriend. >> we still don't know so the mystery continues. >> all of her songs always go back to relationships. >> i don't know if she said no. she said she never named a specific person. that's not saying no, it's not her, but who cares. they both have huge careers. >> all right.
8:17 am
>> reporter: good morning. a lot of clouds and a little band of showers marching through new england this morning, moving fast. you might need rain gear say from 8:00 until 10:00, 10:30 a.m. and then we're done. then we'd come back by mid-day and certainly this afternoon, breezy. temperatures in the low 50s. this afternoon low 60s. your weekend dry both days. much cooler tomorrow, low 50s. and downright cold on sunday with high temperatures on sunday only in the upper 40s. ? and that's your latest weather. >> the we know comedian amy schumer as a writer, comedian and all around funny girl. >> but as her style found she's also turning into an inspirational speaker. she told nbc's maria shriver all about it. >> she's this year's it girl of the her movie "train wreck" was a box office hit and just won an
8:18 am
"inside amy schumer" and eventually the 34-year-old got rave reviews for hosting "saturday night live." this week schumer took time off from her comedy tour to cohost a style empowerment workshop partnering with goodwill of southern california to educate, inspire and transform women through fashion. >> some nights i just didn't even want to go on stage because i couldn't find an outfit that i felt good in. >> this is about empoweringment, empowerment of women through fashion. how do you describe a sense of empowerment in your own life? >> if you feel smart, feel sexy, but then you go to get dressed and you just don't -- i say all the time i don't have that chip where i know how to chip. we love women. we want them to feel more confident and empowered. >> you talked out there about feeling confident in yourself and then when you go to put on
8:19 am
shopping you lost all your confidence. >> it's been a struggle for me my whole life an especially just being in the entertainment industry, standing on a stage in front of people. i can't perform my best or be confident if i'm not sure if i'm pulling at something, and sometimes i would want to just throw in the towel and be i'm not going to go do standup tonight. >> that all changed when schumer met stylist lisa evans on the set of "train wreck." >> she had given me this gift of showing me how to dress and shopped for my sister and seeing my little sister wearing a little blazer and shirt and looking just like a strong beautiful woman i realized holding myself back was also holding her back and so to see the person that i care the most about being given those tools was really moving for me and i just wanted to give it to every woman. >> work your angles, girl. got to go up. >> to know that i've helped
8:20 am
comment their life is -- i can't think of anything better truthfully and, you know, honestly, i've gone through my own struggles with my body image, and hi to find a new way to dress myself and feel comfortable in my own skin. >> i wake up in the morning and i look like charlize theron in monster. it's such a gift to be given the gift of how to dress and feel good about myself and that's gift we want to give everyone, everywhere. >> and suddenly the interview took a turn. [ bleep ]. >> maria. >> "train wreck" part two. >> i saw it happening, and i was like it's cardboard. she will be okay. it's not going to hit her and this will be fun to watch. finally, you had that big hbo special. you've had such a gang buster year, first time on "saturday night live," successful film, speaking out on issues that matter to you, that matter in
8:21 am
the country on gun control. what are you hoping that this hbo special does? >> the special is me saying okay, i just got kind of stressed into the hollywood and this was my experience of it, self-esteem. i feel like i kind of went underground like i was doing a story on hollywood and like i'm coming out, like, okay, here's what's going on. no one is just naturally thin. everyone is starving and this -- telling all the things i found out in a way that hopefully will make everybody laugh and feel better which is my goal across the board with evening. >> so you're like pulling the curtain back on hollywood and saying it's not what you think? >> guys, i've been to hollywood
8:22 am
>> by the way, a lot more of maria's conversation. and coming up, one man when is making pink power possible.
8:23 am
s great american steak dinner for $12.99. perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side. plus, an appetizer, or a dessert. only at longhorn steakhouse.
8:24 am
>> anchor: breaking news right now at the forest hills "t" station. sky7 over the except a few minutes ago. police on the scene of a reported shooting outside of the station. right now it does not appear as though anyone was hit. the mbta tells us they have no reports of any injuries. police are still on the scene investigating and that is causing some problems on the train. the orange line experiencing moderate delays from forest hills all the way to back bay. we have a crew headed to the scene and then we'll have updates all throughout the morning. man is hospitalized with serious injuries after falling three stories in roxbury. the man fell from a roof deck and landed on the concrete before 1:00 a.m. it happened on hillside street
8:25 am
an ems worker says he has broken arms and internal injuries. let's go over the j.r. and talk about forecast for the day. >> reporter: tracking showers now. thunderstorms back in narragansett bay. they'll stay south. metro boston, you'll need the rain gear until about 10:00 a.m. and then sunshine by noon. breezy. temperatures seasonal for this time of year. lower 60s. cooler tomorrow, only in the lower 50s. sunday blustery and cold. high temperatures on sunday only in the upper 40s. >> anchor: thanks, j.r. "today in new england" returns at 9:00. we'll see you then. does neighborhood health plan cost less? yes. is now a good time to remember your company didn't choose it just because it costs less?
8:26 am
yes. welcome to world-class doctors, hospitals, and helpfulness. because neighborhood values what you value. call your broker
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4:30 now. it's friday morning, the 16th of october, 2015. we have a great crowd out here on our plaza, and they are about to get a real treat. we have the cast of the brand new broadway musical "school of rock" here and you all remember the movie. >> it's fantastic. this is obviously based on that great film. by the way, it also comes to us from the great andrew lloyd
8:28 am
a performance straight ahead. fantastic. also ahead our month of pink power rolls on. joan lunden is here with the story of a man changing the lives of breast cancer survivors one tattoo at a time. and of course, the chill in the air. there's only one way to kind of help warm that up. >> yeah. how about a nice bowl of soup, guys? >> yeah. >> that's crazy. >> rocking it out in the kitchen with some delicious butternut squash soup recipe to share amongst us all. >> can we mention something real quick that you did something night. annie guthrie has a brand new book of poetry out called "the good dark can the "and savannah had a book party downtown for annie and a bunch of us went down there and had a great time. it really was nice so congratulations to annie. >> can i just say my little niece talulu and my brother surprised my sister so it's
8:29 am
really fun so here's talulu. did you have fun? >> yeah. >> first, al, let's get a check of the weather. >> it's perfect fall leafing looking weather. let's show you where the leaves are looking best. you can see on the satellite look at how it's originaled up a little bit as we've gone through, and you're going to see here in the northeast and into the great lakes some really great color that's going to be happening. show you what's going on for the rest of the weekend. look for a lot of wet weather out west. could be more flash flooding. we'll watch that. some snow in upstate new york and northern new england and the u.p. of michigan and then sunday, sunday, we're looking for that rain to continue out west and eastern two-third of the country looking pretty darn good with some leftover snow showers in northern new england. wow, got me some rockers with me. roker's rockers, i like >> reporter: good morning. a lot of clouds and a little band of showers marching through new england this morning, moving fast. you might need rain gear say from 8:00 until 10:00, 10:30 a.m.
8:30 am
and then we're done. then we'd come back by mid-day and certainly this afternoon, breezy. temperatures in the low 50s. this afternoon low 60s. your weekend dry both days. much cooler tomorrow, low 50s. and downright cold on sunday with high temperatures on sunday only in the upper 40s. >> and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> all right, al, thank you so much. now to our series "pink power today." joan lunden the author of "had i known" "and this morning she's sharing the story of a tattoo artist who has become a friend to thousands women dealing with breast cancer. such a good story. joan, good morning. >> really is. vinny myers began as a regatta too artist and now exclusively does nipple tattoos 3-d. don't worry, it doesn't hurt on a reconstructed breast but women who have had surgery after a mastectomy it really, really
8:31 am
the emotional and physical scars. he's been called the michelangelo of nipple tattoos. vinny myers tattoos them on women who have had their breasts removed from breast cancer. he owns little vinny's tattoos just outside of baltimore in finksburg, maryland. from denise striker who came from cleveland, ohio, after waiting nine months on a waiting list, it's been a long emotional journey. >> i'm very excited. >> just like the last stop. >> this is it. >> last stop in a long journey? >> yeah, yeah. >> looking in the mirror and the not seeing what you always saw before? >> yeah. >> something so small but it means something so big to these women. >> that's absolutely the truth, it is, and that's one of the know. that thing that is only this big can make that much of a change.
8:32 am
breast and 800 for two. women come from all over the country and as far away as riyadh. he's done over 8,000 nipple tattoos. >> i grew a nipple. >> reporter: but on the very day he decided he was moving on, he got the call that changed everything. then what happened that very same day. >> that was the day i got the call from my sister as soon as she found out she was diagnosed. >> your sister gets diagnosed with breast cancer. >> so we went from deciding not to doing the nipple tattooing everything and i didn't have time for my regular art kind of can a toos and when i got that call i realized, that you know, i had to continue. >> hi. >> nice to meet you. >> reporter: that was good news for breast cancer survivors like sherry bordeaux who came all the way in tulsa, oklahoma, to get what's now referred to as a vinnie. >> i'm going to tattoo some shadows to keep this muscle as relaxed as possible. >> reporter: so did you just do this. >> yes, did.
8:33 am
i got my vinnies. >> reporter: you got your girls back. >> i got my girls back. >> it looks like it should looking in the mirror again for the first time in almost two years. >> reporter: i have to admit that i didn't realize that after you got a double mastectomy that you were basically left without the nipples that you had before. >> it's always surprising to me when i explain to someone what i do for a living and they say they don't have nipples, and they are like, yeah, dude, had their breast removed. they take the nipples off. the implant with the skin over it. >> yes. >> something that motivates the women to do it, is there something i can do to distract the eyes from these scars. great reason to have it. put a nipple on there, eyes are drawn to the nipple and you don't notice the scars so much and the biggest factor is i want to be hole again. >> thank you. >> you're so very welcome. >> for denise it's a life-change moment. >> i feel hole, like a lady again.
8:34 am
you can tell that it changes their lives and it's absolutely a wonderful thing. >> you did good tears. they are tears of joy. >> yes, they are. >> now there is such a thing as nipple-sparing mastectomy, you may have red angelina jolie had one, but most women have both breast and nipple removed. so you can head to to learn more about vinnie's tattoos and also to purchase a pink power t-shirt. net proceeds are going to susan g. komen foundation. >> i think it's so amazing he's doing this work and he seems like the only one. >> he feels it was destiny once he heard his sister has done breast cancer, and he owes done 8,000 of them. the women from the waiting room were all over the united states and they literally collide afterward because they felt normal. >> one woman told you she felt whole, like herself. thank you so much. once again joan's book is called "hi known." still to come, let's warm it up with a bowl of soup on a chilly
8:35 am
fall day like this.
8:36 am
all right. we're back now. 8:39 with our series with the nfl "together we make football" where we bring you stories about the game enspirg people on and off the field. this week's story features one of the game's biggest stars. willie, you're not biggest star. >> fortunately we have a much viewers. the worth polite isn't the first one you would associate with a professional football player but indianapolis pro bowl quarterback an true luck has earned a reputation of being a fierce competitor with fierce manners and they head out to london to find roots of his social graces. andrew luck is more than just a pro bowl quarterback. >> wow. >> amazing throw by andrew luck. >> the he speaks german and
8:37 am
majored in architecture at stanford and before he was under center spent time overseas. >> growing up how every kid grows up in europe for seven years. this is the way it is. but looking back on it now, you realize it was a bit unique. >> this summer andrew and his dad, a former nfl quarterback himself, returned to the neighborhood in london where they lived where oliver was president of the nfl's old europe league. >> i think y'all have got a little bit of appreciation for history and, you know, culture and all that. >> also developed an appreciation for doing things the right way, even when it comes to taking hits on the football field. >> nice hit, man. >> good hit. >> good job. >> you're fine. >> luck used his time in london to brush up his etiquette. >> one would like another scone. what if i want a new jam?
8:38 am
much. >> okay to take two at a time? >> do you have to be somewhere? and if you use your napkin, just dap. >> what if you have serious chocolate going on? >> if you've eaten it properly you won't have. folks, you remind me of your dad compliment. i think it's great. people always mess my name up, oliver. >> they call me andrew. my boss calls me andrew. >> growing up i thought every kid lived overseas and moved around and had a dad who played quarterback. just the way my childhood was, and i wouldn't trade it for anything now. >> got to like a tie who takes a hit from a 300-pound defenseman lineman and says thank you, sir, may i have another. by the way, we want to hear your story so head to and share it. if we feature it, you'll get a chance to win a trip to super bowl 50 in the bay area. >> thank you, willie, very much.
8:39 am
watch andrew and the indianapolis colts take on the new england patriots "sunday nbc. coming up next, a fall favorite butternut squash, but,
8:40 am
all right. it's 8:45, and we're back with "today food" and our souper suppers, one-pot hearty dishes to warm you up as the temperatures start to drop and laura vitale is author of the book "in the kitchen." is this one of your go-to recipes? >> it is, perfect for a week night and still cozy and gives you all the wonderful cozy vibes that a good soup should have. >> by the way, when people go on our today food website, you know one thing they search more than squash. >> i say wise because it's so
8:41 am
>> take a look at ingredients, making butternut squash soup and it's pretty easy. >> your traditional cast of characters when it comes to soup, your onions, your carrots and celery and i like to use a little bit of apple in with my butternut squash, vegetable broth, dried sage, salt and pepper, oil, usual characters. >> stock pot. a little bit of oil. >> a little bit of oil going in there and i'm going to throw in everything. >> can i do that for you. >> please, love a man that gives me a hand in the kitchen. >> are those ales? >> yes, one granny smith apple. i like adding a little apple to my butternut squash because it cut the sweetness a bit and for the butternut squash all i do is basically cut it in half and take a vegetable peeler and just much like you would a potato start feeling it like so and dies it into large chunks. >> like this. >> yeah. >> do they go in now? >> add them right in. the great thing about soup,
8:42 am
great thing about soup, not necessarily node to measure everything so perfectly. throw everything in. if you need a little bit more stock, add more stock. if you need a little bit less than don't add as much. >> how about the spices. >> yes, if you would, i've got some chili powder and some dried sage. go for t.sage goes so well with butternut squash and chili powder, kind of like the apple a nice kick against the sweet of the butternut squash. >> a little salt and peple. >> a little salt and pepper and let that saute for seven or eight minutes until they caramelize and add in the stock. pretend they are caramelized. >> and we'll pretend again and this is what it looks like after it starts to cook down a little bit. >> after to minutes this is what you're looking for, the veggies have cooked down and smells phenomenal. >> people are looking that the and thinking a lot of times puree.
8:43 am
>> in life it's all about options, can teeth like this if you're a fan of chunky soups or you can puree it. i love immersion blenders. >> make sure that it's submerged before you turn it on. >> and makes for easy cleanup. >> dunk it in. >> let's take a look as you're about to do this. we've got our gang downstairs, they are digging in. folks, what are we thinking? >> nice kick to it. >> like the chili powder in it. >> the texture is awesome, too. >> you like it pureed as opposed to chunk? >> yeah. >> you can serve this cool. >> what are you asking me for? >> i always think there's a trick when you're asking the question. >> what are you doing here, and then to kick things up a lot i like to do fried sage because sage is stringy and can be quite tough so if you fry it it gets really nice and crispy which we have some already here which is
8:44 am
getting ready and once you puree your soup. >> you got it. >> what i like to finish with is a little bit of cream, makes things more velvety, not much. a couple tablespoons. >> if you were payinging this ahead of time would you add it then or until wait until you reheat it the? >> i would wait until i reheat it. >> and you serve it with a nice crusty bread. >> of course. got to have bread for dunking. >> does this pork for your weekend? >> yes, it does. >> especially since it's going to be cold. >> perfect butternut squash soup weather. >> yay, i love it pureed and chunky. >> she got the answer right. >> anyway, laura, thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> really appreciate it. again, the book is called "laura in the kitchen." to get this recipe and all the tips on cooking with butternut squash go to and up next a live performance from andrew lloyd webber's new performance "school of rock."
8:45 am
8:46 am
we are back. it's a friday morning. we've got the first look at the new broadway musical "school of rock." the show is based on the 2003 hit film and follows wannabe rock star dewey finn on his adventures, creating a rock band
8:47 am
with his students when he poses as a substitute teacher to earn some extra cash this. comes to us from legendary composer and producer sir andrew lloyd webber returning to broadway with the first original rock musical since 1971. without further adieu here's the cast of "school of rock" with you're in the band. >> music speaks to you, and that is what matters the most. together. shall we. put this on. all right. snoets let's grab ahold of your ax and try to put out this riff >> all right. let's show the class you don't want to be so stiff >> yes, just like that, yes, only better. yes. take it over the top and make it really pop for every last rock
8:48 am
yes, you're in the band. >> katie, what are you playing? the cello. >> come on, put this on. watch it. >> turn a cello this way and practically like a bass pop the strings when you play and watch how you shred my face >> what, what, my face? i know, it's right here. keep on rocking each note and grab it right by the throat and use the rhythm afloat ant don't forget to emote that's all that she wrote baby you're in the band >> lawrence, get over here, front and center. if you play the piano, you can play the keys >> i only play classical. >> okay. just loosen it up and strut your expertise >> huh? >> i don't think i can.
8:49 am
>> come on. take a look at this music and let your mind expand >> the lawrence is good atropinio, yes! you're in the band >> the now, who is going to be my drummer? >> i play percussion. >> yes. >> shut up. put your butt at the skins and try to whack out a beat >> okay. feel the groove in your hands and slowly turn up the heat >> yes, that's what i'm talking about. play some rat atat-at it and keep it juicy and fat, yes, exactly like that and now shut it down flat you're in the band now i need a couple of roadies >> we can be that. i need someone on tech
8:50 am
>> i'll be tech. who wants to be security >> okay. >> can i be the stylist. >> check. i'm seeing manager, is that something you could swing putting you in charge of the whole thing >> yes! we've got our band >> freddy, play just like that, yes. "g." just like that. yes. come here. up top, and make the sound. yes, he's reading my mind. he's reading my mind! lawrence, take me to the moon, baby. >> yeah! i pledge allegiance to the band i pledge allegiance to the band and i promise to give
8:51 am
mr. sneedly full command please raise your hand you're in the band we're in the band you're in the band we're in the band you're in the band [ cheers and applause ] >> "school of rock" opens on november 9th. webber. we'll be back with another number in our next hour but
8:52 am
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the latest on how the investigation is affecting the orange line. it's back to realility for one boston based site. hear what one site is demanding from them. patriots fans have been waiting for this for a while. are the players looking to get back at the colts. we'll go inside the locker room. tracking showers around the metro. tracking thunderstorms down along the south coast. cold air. stay with us. a lot you see this look on my face? sfx: growling that's not anger, that's hunger. so i'm gonna have a snack to and once i do you will see contentment blossom across my face. see, now i feel better. make your tummy happy mmm
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